How to Reach New Customers Online – What Do They Want?

7858050_sThe number one concern for just about every business owner I speak with is how to get more new customers from the web.

And the best way to recession proof your business is to expand it’s geographical footprint.

It may be slow in your immediate area, but that isn’t necessarily the case in other communities across the country… or the world.

That’s the best part about marketing your business online, after all.

So, the question is — how can you reach new customers online?

Five key questions for reaching new customers

When it comes to reaching new customers through the web there are five essential questions you must ask yourself:

  1. what do they want?
  2. how can you target them?
  3. what is your message?
  4. how the get them to your site?
  5. how to get them to buy?

This is it, essentially — your online blueprint in a nutshell.

Let’s begin to sketch out an answer to each one of these for you…

What do they want?

When it comes to finding new customers online you really have only two choices: buy traffic or generate traffic. Buying traffic is nothing more than paying for ads on various PPC platforms, like Google or Facebook.

Generating traffic, on the other hand, means creating a business asset through SEO and website article marketing (both on and off your site) that will generate evergreen traffic… if done properly.

In both cases, however, you need to know what your potential future customers really want.

So how do you know?

By doing some research. And the best tool available for giving you this information is keyword research…

Two examples may help illustrate this point. For one client we uncovered a keyword that became his best selling product category, allowing him to reach more customers because “what” they were looking for matched his “new” product offering.

Keyword research also helped another client sell more wine by creating a product category (90 Point Wines Under $20) that gave his customers a quick and easy way to find the kind of wine they wanted to buy, rather than searching through 1000s of product offerings.

Keyword research gets you into the mindset of your new customer by giving you the language they use when looking for what they want, as well as providing you a means for reeling them into your site…

In fact, before writing a single article or deciding to enter a new product niche I ALWAYS begin with keyword research.

Five minutes of keyword research uncovered a lead gen niche that resulted in more than $5,000 in revenue last year alone, with projected revenues of $12,000 or more this year alone (from ONE website).

Yes, it’s that powerful and essential a tool… in the right hands, of course.

In part 2 of the series on “How to Reach New Customers” we will address how you can target your future customer, allowing your marketing message to reach the right people who are willing — and able — to buy.

So stay tuned.

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