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21495740_sThe goal of any SEO program is not necessarily to get more traffic to your site.

Rather, it’s about getting the right kind of traffic to your website. So what does this mean, exactly?

Well, if you’re like most business owners I’ve spoken to over the years chances are people are finding your website, but that traffic doesn’t convert into leads or sales.

Does this sound all too familiar to you?

SEO involves more than just getting “traffic”

If your website is not generating a consistent flow of leads or sales now might be the time to ask yourself why.

There’s an expression from my days in the Air Force for troubleshooting electronics that also apples here: “garbage in, garbage out.” Quite simply, if you’re not getting the desired output (i.e. leads/sales) you check the input (i.e. traffic) first, and then work backwards from there until you find the problem or problems responsible for causing the failure.

And I can’t over-emphasize this point enough.

Because if your website fails to attract a targeted audience for your goods and service then you have a next-to-impossible chance for converting that traffic into leads or sales.

So getting the RIGHT traffic is essential!


“Now THIS is what I call SEO!!! So now we’ve had four leads through the website in two months, where we had no leads through the website in THIRTEEN YEARS!”
Josh Slavitt - Senior Policy Advisor, John Dunham & Associates, Brooklyn, NY

In order to improve your results you need to begin by analyzing how much traffic you’re getting and how they are finding you.

Only by digging into “the numbers” can you have a better understanding of whether or not you are getting the right kind of traffic to your site, people who are both looking for what you do and will resonate with your marketing message.

In other words, the source of your traffic and the particulars about how they found your site (i.e. keywords entered, links followed, ads responded to, etc.) will largely determine whether or not the person landing on your site is a good prospect for your business… or not.


This forms the basis of effective SEO consulting.

It’s not based on “pie in the sky” theory. To get the results you want… and need, depends upon applying proven principles and strategies that lead to measurable results for your business…


What can a free SEO analysis do for your business?

Whether you’ve spoken to so-called experts in the past, or you would like a free analysis of your website, I can help.

"Michael, I cannot tell you how much of a breath of fresh air it is to see you have done all this. Interesting enough, the changes you made on my EFT page already got me a new client. Another newly booked client told me they did a search on CT Hypnotist. Bottom line, what you are doing is working. Thank you!"
Joann Dunsing, Joann Dunsing Hypnosis

And it starts with an analysis of your site.

There are concrete reasons why your site is not getting enough traffic. And without traffic your website cannot generate the leads or sales you need.

What are some of the “fatal flaws” we have uncovered for dozens of clients just like you?

  • poor keyword selection
  • no keywords loaded on a page
  • lack of unique keywords on each page (i.e. each page has the same “meta data”)
  • no “meta description” for each page

For example…


Since early 2008 I have worked with dozens of clients and helped them get more than they thought possible from their websites. And I know I can do the same for you…

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In working with clients I have been able to diagnose problems, road-blocks, issues and oversights that have prevented business owners like you from achieving their goals. To discover how I can improve your current web-marketing efforts to generate MEASURABLE results for you let me review your website, and then we can set up a time to discuss my analysis by phone.

Online success starts by taking the first step…

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